Kelson Martins Blog

Hello, my name is Kelson Martins, a Brazilian Software Engineer based in Cork, Ireland. Read more about me here.
Years ago I started to wonder about having a blog to publicly share content based on the experience acquired on challenges and problems of my day-to-day job as a software engineer.
After postponing this idea for so long, I finally decided to take action. As the good old saying: better late than never.

Kel on Software

This blog will host posts about a wide range of topics, mostly (if not all) related to technology. Most contents are expected to be solutions for problems (big or small) that I faced and how I solved them.
Topics will include Linux Administration, Elastic Stack, Software Development in general and more.
Book reviews and interviews with some interesting people from the Tech world that I have been meeting are also on the plan.


This blog hosts my opinion views on the given subjects. Opinions that are mine and mine only, which can and most part will be different than yours.
I definitely do not have the answers to all problems and do not claim to do so. Also, solution for presented problems may not be the optimal one, but I am counting on the audience to engage so we can exchange ideas and discuss any given topic. It is a win-win situation =).
As I am a believer that consistency is vital to any successful endeavor, expect weekly content.
Stay tuned!

Software engineer, geek, traveler, wannabe athlete and a lifelong learner. Works at @IBM